Wednesday, 15 July 2015

An infinity of possibilities in a participatory interactive Universe of continuous creation. Center everywhere circumference nowhere

is one scientific way we can explain a Universe that is centred upon itself at
each place of its existence and that is if we explain the Universe as a dynamic
continuum with the future unfolding photon by photon relative to the energy and
momentum of each object. We have a Universe of continuous energy exchange ‘continuous
change’ because the Universe is never at absolute zero
everything is
continuously radiating light photon energy forming the ever changing world of
our everyday life. Because light has momentum and momentum is frame dependent
every object will form its own reference frame relative to its energy and
momentum. Therefore every object is in the centre of its own frame of reference
within this universal process of energy exchange with energy
∆E slowing up the rate that time ∆t flows as a universal process of continuous
creation. This can be seen mathematically as the time dilation in Einstein’s
Relativity with everything being relative to everything else as the Universe
expands. A very good way of comprehending this process of continuous creation
is by experiencing it ourselves by watching the setting Sun and focusing on the
experience through the theoretical model of a continuum with the future
unfolding photon oscillation by photon oscillation. We experience this process
with photon energy from the Sun cascading down forming greater degrees of
freedom for entropy or disorganization forming the ever changing world of our
everyday life. The same process forms the possibility for ever greater
organization that we see with photosynthesis with the future unfolding relative
to each tree, flower and even with each individual blade of grass. The great
problem is how to scientifically explain
consciousness that unbroken ever-changing flow of
ideas, perceptions, feeling and emotions relative to this universal process.
This is possible because the photon is also the carrier of electromagnetic
force with the movement of electromagnetic fields and the flow of charge. By explaining
consciousness in its most simple form as electrical activity in the brain that
is aware of its own electrical potential. We can then place each individual in
the centre of their own reference frame in ‘the moment of now’ relative to this
electrical activity. It is this personalization of the brain that gives us the
concept of ‘mind’. Because we are all in the center of our own reference frame
we all have an individual view of the Universe being able to look back in time
in all directions at the beauty of the stars as the clusters of galaxies expand
away from us in all directions!  Because
electric charge is an innate part of all matter we can then think of
consciousness as the most advanced part of this universal process being able to
comprehend and measure this process as time.

such a Universe to be in existence is to be at the centre of creation at the
forefront of a universal creative process that is totally interactive.  The the spontaneous absorption and emission of
light forms a continuous process with the wave particle duality of light and
matter (in the form of electrons) forming a blank canvas that we can interact
with forming the possible into the actual. We have an emergent future unfolding
relative to energy and momentum of our own actions! In this theory
conscious awareness is at the forefront of a universal process with creation
being truly in the eye and hand of the beholder!  

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