Saturday, 6 February 2016

Quantum Gravity and Superconductivity, electrical potential is linked to...

Because superconductivity is formed by the dynamics of quantum mechanics we need a deeper understanding of quantum physics to explain this.
Too explain why the complete collapse of magnetic field lines causes such spectacular effect causing the annihilation of gravity in the reference frame of the experiment.
One explanation is that gravity is a secondary force to the EM force. Because the light photon of quantum mechanics is the carrier of the EM force this could link gravity and quantum physics giving us what we could call quantum gravity!
But these theories describe some of the effects of superconductivity without giving us an objective explanation of these effects that exists within the conventional Understanding of superconductivity. 
Superconductivity does not just create Levitation defying the gravitational pull of the whole Earth.
There are forces of attraction called magnetic pinning locking the two objects together.
As the temperature approaches absolute zero the entropy reaches its minimum value. 
It is as though they are frozen in time within their own reference frame.

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