Thursday, 24 March 2016

Is the universe becoming aware of itself through us? The Hard Problem of consciousness explained as part of a universal process.

I like the
idea that “we are the universe becoming aware of itself” it has a truth to it.
This would also be logical if everything is based on one universal process of
energy exchange. This is an interactive process, looking, thinking, art, and
poetry are all based on this process with the outcome relative to the energy of
our actions. In this theory the Universe is a continuum with a future continuously
unfolding relative to the atoms of the periodic table. We are made of atoms so
this is logical, with consciousness being the most advanced part of this
universal process being aware of itself or aware of its own electrical
potential. Light is an electromagnetic wave and the future is even unfolding
photon by photon relative to the electro activity formed by the thoughts of each

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