Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Artist Theory on the nature of Time, new diagrams and videos explaining how the future is always new!

The four fundamental forces of nature within one universal process.

The main parts of Quantum Atom Theory are explained in this diagram.

Everything is based on One Universal Process in this theory.

In this diagram the Fibonacci Spiral explained as a process of symmetry forming and breaking.

 Conscious Awareness is explain in this diagram as the most advanced part of a universal process of energy exchange.

 By explaining conscious awareness in its most simple form has electrical activity in the brain that is aware of its own electrical potential this theory can explain consciousness as the most advanced part of one universal process. We have electrical activity relative to the structure of the brain forming chemical changes or chemical reactions. Chemical energy is stored in the bonds that hold the atoms together. Has the bonds form and break we have the continuous exchange of photon energy with the future unfolding relative to the electrical activity and the structure of the brain.

Each photon vibration only occurs once, but the process of energy exchange is continuously forming the ever changing world of our everyday life that we measure as a period of time.

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