Thursday, 8 June 2017

The symmetry of life where does it all come from? The Photon the Evolutionary Driving Force of Life

The video: The symmetry of life where does it all come from? 

As a process of symmetry forming and breaking the Photon is the evolutionary driving force of Biology, chemistry and physics. For example: Photon vibrations represent the movement of positive and negative charge and whenever we touch or hold anything it is charge that comes in contact. Therefore everything we do in our everyday life is based on this process of energy exchange. The photon is the source of biological complexity with biodiversity of tropical rainforest stemming from the higher ambient temperature. Also photon energy fluctuations in water creates the world’s largest library of protein in the form of Antarctic krill. The same process is unfolding in flowing water with hydrogen bonds forming and breaking with an exchange of photon energy with the movement of charge. Just a change in environmental temperature shows the interactive and creative nature of this process with the atoms bonding together relative to the distribution of charge. Such a process forms the degrees of freedom needed for infinite snowflake diversity. The diversity of foraminifera is similar to snowflake diversity with photon energy in the micro-environment forming two new species per day. By photon energy fluctuations, thousands of different structures of inorganic and organic molecules are created. The self-organization of amino acids and thermal proteins are driven by photon energy. This video answers the logical question Why?

 The symmetry of a tiger is part of a universal process!

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