Thursday, 2 November 2017

Animation explaining Time as a geometrical process that starts at the Planck ħ=h/2π scale and forms the uncertainty ∆×∆pᵪ≥h/4π of everyday life!

The video: Animation of Time unfolding at the smallest level

This theory explains a universal process that is relative to atoms of the periodic table therefore it is relative to us with the future unfolding relative to the energy and momentum of our actions. The wave particle duality of light and matter in the form of electrons is acting like the zeros and ones of a computer forming a blank canvas that we can interact with. This interactive process gives us the potential to form the possible into the actual. We have the future continuously unfolding with each photon electron interaction only occurring once forming the movement of charge and continuous flow of EM fields. At high temperatures we have a phase change of matter and in the form of plasma charge can cover a whole star or even a large area of interstellar space, but the same geometrical process continues with the cellular structure of interstellar space. Please subscribe and share these videos it will help the promotion of this theory.

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