Saturday, 20 January 2018

The Relativity of Simultaneity a logical intuitive explanation with a deeper understanding of 'time' within an emergent process

The Relativity of Simultaneity a logical intuitive explanation. New video:

The Relativity of Simultaneity can be explained in a logical and intuitive way if we have a deeper understanding of time with a concept of why we have a past and uncertain future. In this video the Universe is explained as a continuum based on one universal process of energy exchange with an emergent future that is relative to the atoms of the periodic table. Therefore the process is also relative to the energy and momentum of each object or observer!  Within such a process it is impossible to say that two distinct events happen at the same time if those events are separated in space. This is because the future is continuously unfolding relative to the energy and momentum of each observer’s frame of reference. The reason why it is energy and momentum is because momentum is frame dependent, meaning it is always within a reference frame. In the example within the video the train represents a reference frame with momentum forming a vector ǀ Ψ (t) > in the direction it is travelling. The passenger on the train is within this frame of reference and will see and feel the future unfold relative to its energy and momentum. If our eyes were more sensitive to the different wavelengths of the EM spectrum of light, we would be able to see that everything is radiating light. Even the observer watching the train massing by is radiating light and light has momentum, therefore he has his own reference frame with his own unique view of the universe.

Each individual observer is in the centre of their own reference frame in the moment of now at the forefront of the creative process with their own personal unique view of the Universe.  


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