Thursday, 22 February 2018

Why the EmDrive Thruster is going to work based on a new interpretation of Quantum Mechanics

The video: Why the EmDrive is going to work

American Physicist Thomas Townsend
Brown believed we could generated localized gravitational fields. These
gravitational fields are relative to their energy, formed by high voltage
electrical charge. Ionocraft or ion-propelled aircraft (commonly known as a
Lifter or Hexalifter) are very similar to the EmDrive both have no moving parts
and both use the electromagnetic force with photons moving electrical charge.
This video explains how the thrust from an EmDrive could be explained if we had
a deeper understanding of
what the exchange of photon energy represents. This could be possible if photon energy
represented an emergent
with everything within that process being quantized. Not just the
energy, but also the inertia
mass and gravity would be part of a process coming into existence quanta by
quanta. If you say that these photons are unimportant and that they have no
affect on space and time, then
it is like saying that someone in a spaceship can make
the spaceship move
through the vacuum of space by pushing on the inside wall or surface of the
spaceship. This would indeed be an Impossible Space Drive! But if we say that space and time are
properties of quanta then I believe we can explain why an EmDrive tapered
cavity can form what we call thrust.

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