Friday, 25 May 2018

Saturn is formed by the Golden Ratio and this explains how!

Why is Saturn based on the Golden Ratio? This video put forward the idea
that it is because the Universe is based on one universal geometrical
process. The one thing nonorganic and organic matter has in common is
that they are both formed over a period of time.
Saturn’s rings would have formed over a period of time and Darwin’s
theory of evolution is a process over a period of time. If time and
space are part of an emergent geometrical process this could explain why
we see the same geometrical patterns in the diversity of life as we see
throughout the nonorganic Universe. In this theory we have a universal
process of spherical symmetry forming and breaking that forms entropy
with a built in potential for ever greater symmetry formation. The
driving force for this process is the spontaneous absorption and
emission of light or photon energy.

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