Thursday, 11 October 2018

Walter Russell Cosmogony and an emergent concept of Time

In this video we have the ideas and diagrams of Walter Russell united with the
time dilation of Einstein’s Relativity. This is done by explaining an emergent
process with time and space being emergent properties coming into existence
relative to the atoms of the periodic table and the individual wavelengths’ of
the EM spectrum of light. Objects form their own space and time or spacetime
and this is seen as the time dilation of Relativity. Within such a process Walter
Russell was right when he said light does not travel through the vacuum of
space, because we have new light photons oscillation or vibration forming
relative to the atoms as part of an emergent process. Also Walter Russell idea that
everything is light can be explained by everything being based on one universal
process of energy exchange that is unfolding light photon by light photon.   

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