Saturday, 28 February 2009

The Observer, Quantum Mechanics and free-will


Quantum Mechanics and

the observer explained.


To understand quantum mechanics we have to first understand how time is being created and the part we play in its creation. No one really understands time at a fundamental level. This video explains my theory on the time continuum or arrow of time and how the wave-particle duality of light creates time itself. Because the observer can choose when and where to collapse the wave-particle function of light we have free-will to create our own future.


Devika said...

Time is a never ending fascination to me :)

The theory here is interesting too, but as you said -- it is sometimes very clear to take time into consideration..but at times turns the most complex factor...

"we have free-will to create our own future." --

I could not full agree there again, Nick...
could be true for that self, which relinquishes everything on earth...

for us the ordinary people -- our future is dependent on so many other factors....

Nice presentation, Nick


Femin Susan said...

Good painting.... Keep posting.... may god bless you !

AMIT said...

Nice written.

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