Saturday, 7 March 2009

The Infinity of Spacetime

In Quantum Atom Theory infinity is not a mathematical paradox, but an actual reality of our Universe.

Each set of infinities is a self-similarity creating its own spacetime governed by the Law of The Conservation of Energy.

Photon electron coupling creating a new moment in time.

Photon creating a wave function of future possibilities.


Stimulated Emissions creating a chain reaction
of light, time and space.

Diagram of The Lorentz Contraction of time.

In this theory energy equals mass linked to the Lorentz contraction of time. The atoms own rest mass has its own rest energy and it is this energy that creates each new expanding quantum wave-particle function. The more energy or mass the slower time runs. Because the Lorentz contraction is infinite our Universe is a set of infinities within infinity a time within a spacetime a square within a square a rhyme within a rhyme. The reason why we can always divide infinity into ever decreasing sets of infinities is because of the continuous process of the wave-particle function collapsing into new quantum particles of space and time. Because of this we have a continuous expansion at the atomic level and the continuum of time that can always be divided into sets of infinities.



Devika said...

I can perceive infinity as a reality...

and am gaining a grab of the infinity of spacetime;
but definitely need to spend much more time on this...thanks Nick, :)


coins said...

My mind is melting. Great post and site...very intriguing.

PS. The first image in this post has "their" mispelled.

rch said...

Hi Nick, this stuff is way above my head but it is fascinating to me. Where does entropy fit into all this or is that an entirely different subject? Take care,


AMIT said...

Your post is very good.

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Out at Bob's said...

Somewhere on the outside of the sphere of our universe is a real loud noise. Bang!