Saturday, 11 April 2009

The Paradoxes of Quantum Mechanics

This video explains the paradoxes of Quantum Mechanics by giving us a theory on the time continuum or arrow of time.

We have Entanglement because photons moves through space but not time as a quantum wave-particle function.

Stimulated Emissions creates a chain reaction of photon electron couplings causing the forward momentum of time

We have a Measurement problem because the quantum particle will only have a position in time and space if the observer collapses the wave function.

If the observer does not collapse the wave function the quantum particle will only have the momentum of its own particle-wave function.

Without The Uncertainty Principle at the quantum level we would not have the uncertainty of future events.

In The Uncertainty Principle we always know the position and momentum of a quantum particle in the past.

The Uncertainty Principle, the wave function will collapse into a quantum particle that will need a position in space and time.


The Uncertainty Principle, the observer can choose when and where to collapse the wave function. Therefore we have free-will and the uncertainty of future events.

Because Stimulated Emission is a continuous process the wave function is always collapsing creating the Uncertainty Principle. The observer will see this as the time continuum or arrow of time.

I have tried to make this theory as simple as possible in the belief that everyone should be able to understand it. In this theory we can see a World in a Grain of Sand and a Heaven in a Wild Flower, Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand and Eternity in an hour, just as William Blake said. But on a more scientific level this theory can unite Quantum Mechanics and Classical Mechanics giving us one universal law of physics.


Anonymous said...

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Kai C. said...

why haven't you written lately?

Devika said...

I think it was missing to understand the paradoxes makes the theory difficult to have a complete understanding,

but i need to refer again again and again, and ofcourse your notes and presentations makes it simple to understand, Nick


long since you wrote a poem or did a painting,
hope to see that soon,


ishanka rathnayake said...

einstine mourned that "the god never play dice",some he meant about imperfection of the "rival" quantum theory.But it is clear that god not only play dice ,but also hide it in dark.very rarely one get a chance to point finger at EINSTIN and say" HEY MR YOU HAVE SOME MISTAKE". R M I U Rathnayake

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