Friday, 24 April 2009

The reality of time and space

Video explaining Quantum mechanics
using Quantum Atom Theory.

Traditional Light Cone Diagram


New light cone diagram combined with the ideas of Quantum Atom Theory

Light Cone Diagram explaining photon electron couplings


Light Cone Diagram and Quantum Atom Theory

In this Light Cone Diagram, Quantum Atom Theory explains why the observer sees the Universe this way.

The probability of Quantum Theory is the same probability that the observer will have with any future event.


Every object in our Universe will create its own time and space by collapsing the light waves of electromagnetic radiation into new quantum particles that will have their own position in space and time. Because the observer can choose when and where to collapse the wave function we have free will to create our own future. This has nothing to do with the consciousness of the observer. Even a child’s toy spinning top will create its own time and space relative to its position and momentum.


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Devika said...

Thanks for this post too, Nick

This blog is becoming one of my reference material...but Quantum mechanics is one area that I find difficult to teach...I don't need to go into its complexities for the levels I teach..yet, I do get back to this blog.

I need to download the presentation at some other time..i'm not getting it now,