Friday, 1 May 2009

Infinity found in Beauty and sound

Oil painting of a girl creating harmonic waves.

In Quantum Atom Theory time is being created continuously at the quantum level in a very simple process. When light waves of electromagnetic radiation comes in contact with the electrons on the surface of an atom. There will be a photon electron coupling and the wave function will collapse creating a new quantum particle in space and a new moment in time. There is then a quantum leap of energy creating a new wave function of future possibilities. We have Cantors’ continuum hypothesis because creation is being created continuously at the quantum level. But an explanation of infinity would be nothing without an explanation of beauty.

The other day I found Ray Tomes’ Harmonic Theory in this theory all waves in three dimensional Space will vibrate or oscillate creating harmonics. These harmonics will continuously resonate creating harmonic fractions of themselves in cycles and similarities of ever greater diversity. Over the great time scales of our Universe this will lead to the evolution of the fractal self-similarities that we see all around us today. Because these natural harmonics mimic music and have fundamental symmetry we have a Universe full of beauty in which each part is a fractal self-similarity of the whole, creating its own time and space.

Harmonic Theory and Q.A.T are very similar and are both trying to explain different aspects of the same thing. One the wave structure of matter the other the time continuum. An understanding of time can explain how we can have finite harmonic standing waves within infinite space. The Electromagnetic Spectrum is infinite therefore our Universe must an infinity. But just like a violin string which is bound at both ends the wave function or standing wave will be bound at both ends by a moment in time in the form of a quantum particle. In this way each moment in time creates its own harmonics. I believe that light waves of electromagnetic radiation are the medium for the propagation of these harmonic waves. Each moment in time is created by a photon electron coupling creating the smallest amount of radiant energy the Planck Constant. In this way time itself is quantized into the momentum of spacetime.

Light sphere of standing waves.



Devika said...

Nice painting Nick, the colour and effects are striking,

i had once bumped on Ray Tomes study on cycles @

i didn't understand much of it -- was looking for harmonics of music notes...but, you may perhaps find it more useful :)


get zapped said...

What a stunning image. I love the detail.

Paula said...

interesting artwork, quite a lot in there, the imagination easily takes over.

Rhiannon said...

Hi, how are you doing? I've only recently been back to blogging.

I thought of you and this blog when I put my new post on my blog. It's about Mark Everette, Hugh Everettes son (famous for his Quantum Physics theory), who was on a fantastic PBS show last night as Mark "journeys" back into his his fathers past and goes around the country to visit his fathers fellow scientist friends who knew him, universities where his father worked,etc. It was a great show and if your interested you can click on the web site I posted to find the video to watch the show if you want.

I think you would like it a lot.