Wednesday, 30 June 2010

A Quantum Theory with an objective reality, Quantum Atom Theory

Space and Time explained by an artist theory


In physics there is no understanding of the arrow of time or why time only flows one way. There is also no understanding of why we have a future and a past and there is no concept of what the “moment of now” is in physics. But in Quantum Atom Theory the future is formed by the inward absorption of light and the past is formed by the outward emission of light at the quantum level of the atoms. This process forms the wave-particle duality of light. Light is a wave until it comes in contact with an atom than it forms a new photon of quantized energy that will be part of arrow of time. Light has momentum and momentum is always conserved and is transferred to the forward motion of time.

Time only moves one way because the Quantum Wave-Particle Function only works one way we always know the position and momentum of a quantum particle in the past. The continuous process of the wave-function collapsing and reforming forms a continuous process that can be measured as time.

This is compatible with relativity because it gives a reason for the formation of an infinite number inertial and non-inertial reference frames that all have their own proper time relative to their momentum and position. Therefore we only need three dimensions and one variable of time. In this theory we only have exchange forces the inward force of gravity is formed by the outward force of EMR forming Einstein’s curvature of spacetime. Therefore we have 4 pi in the equations of quantum physics represents the spherical shape of the wave-function in three dimensional space.

At the quantum level the moment of now is formed by a single photon electron coupling (when light comes in contact with an atom). But on the level of everyday life the observer will see a temporary image of our Universe made up of an infinite number of photons moment by moment.

The observer will always be in the moment of now reacting with the duality of light and will have a unique position in space and time at the centre of their reference frame. In a similar way that we use sound waves to create our own music we use light waves to create our own future time that will have the geometry of spacetime.

The beauty of light is a wave in reflection, refraction, diffraction and in Maxwell’s equations! Only when the light comes in contact with an object is it a particle or photon of quantized energy as in the photoelectric effect. Then the inward absorption and outward emission of the wave will form a quantum of energy that will only be relative to the wavelength and momentum of the light. Therefore each new photon of energy will have a unique position in space and time as part of the arrow of time.

It is because classical physics is an approximation of quantum physics that Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle can be the same uncertainty that the observer will have with any future event and that the process that forms the Uncertainty Principle also forms the passage of time in our everyday life. All object form their own spacetime geometry and gravity relative to their energy and mass including us! Therefore we can form our own ideas and theories in three dimensional spacetime.

A link to Quantum Atom Theory on YouTube.


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