Friday, 11 June 2010

The Time Continuum an artist view

A new scientific theory on the Arrow of Time


Modern physics has no fundamental understanding of the arrow of time. But in a new theory called Quantum Atom Theory the continuous flow of time is formed by the inward absorption and outward emission of electromagnetic radiation or light.

In this theory light is a wave and will radiate out from its radius in all directions forming light spheres of EMR. Only if the light waves come in contact with an object will they form new photons of quantized energy that will have a unique position in space and time.

This is a continuous process forming the arrow of time and the geometry or curvature of spacetime. If the light does not come in contact with an object it will only have the momentum of its own frequency and wavelength.

We therefore cannot determine the direction of a spontaneously emitted photon. The probabilistic nature of light is forming a sea of electromagnetic radiation creating a blank canvas for the observer that he or she can participate in this is what Socrates called a “Sea of Beauty”.

Put in a more scientific way Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle of quantum physics is the same uncertainty the observer will have with any future event.

We live in a dynamically evolving universe of continuous change because waves by their nature have to move. Therefore we cannot achieve absolute zero and all atoms radiate light or EMR continuously.

In QAT there is no universal time because the Universe is made up of an infinite number of inertial and non-inertial reference frames. That forms their own spacetime geometry (proper time) relative to their momentum and position. Therefore we all have a unique position at the centre of our own reference frame and can look back in time in all directions at the beauty of the Stars.

We have time dilation for an object accelerating towards the speed of light and gravitational time dilation around objects of great mass because the greater the momentum the shorter the wavelength and the higher the frequency.

Therefore the greater the energy or mass of an object the higher the frequency gets and the Planck constant is then multiplied by a larger amount.

The frequency of the accelerating object will increase relative to the received frequency that is reduced by the Lorentz factor. Because in this theory time is formed be the inward absorption and outward emission of EMR or light the duration of a clock cycle will increase for the accelerating object. Therefore time will be measured to run more slowly in that inertial reference frame.

In QAT at the quantum level of the atoms the moment of now is created by a single photon electron coupling creating a wave function of future possibilities. On the level of everyday objects the observer will see the multiplication of photon electron couplings creating a temporary image of the Universe moment by moment that will have probability and statistics.

Even the individual atoms of the observer are radiating EMR forming their own spacetime geometry. The atoms of the observer bond together and then collapse the wave-function in unison forming their own unique future position in space and time.

The observer is always in the moment of now collapsing the waves of light into new photons of energy that will only be relative to the observer’s position and momentum. In this theory it is more than beauty that is in the eye of the beholder but part of creation itself.

It is because this process is at the same rate that light moves that the speed of light between the atoms will always be a universal constant independent of the motion of the source. This can also explains why light is so beautiful when it strikes an object it is because we are looking at a moment of purer creation of time and space.

A link to Quantum Atom Theory on YouTube.


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