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An explanation of time in quantum physics and in everyday life

Video explaining time in quantum physics and in everyday life.

In Quantum Atom Theory light is a wave of EMR and the quantization of light into photons take place when the waves come in contact with electrons on the surface of atoms.

When light waves come in contact with atoms it is said that the wave function collapses. This is because at that moment in time the waves of light turn into photons that are particles therefore we have wave-particle duality. Because we are all made of atoms and everything is radiating light waves of EMR continuously this is a continuous process. In Quantum Atom Theory this process forms the massage of time and the probability of when and where the light waves will come in contact with an object is the same probability that we have with any future event.

Light or EMR is a universal constant the speed of light is not relative to the movement of the observer or the movement of the object radiating the light. Modern physics cannot explain this but in this theory it is because each new photon of quantized energy forms a new moment in time. We see our Universe moment by moment or photon by photon because the wave-function is continuously collapsing and reforming forming the arrow of time.

Modern physics has no understanding of why we have a future and a past, but this theory can give us a scientific reason and in doing so explain the paradoxes of Quantum Mechanics.

Time is a universal process and it has the property of running at different rates relative to the energy or mass of an object within its own reference frame. This process is not just mathematical but has geometry and symmetry forming Einstein’s curvature of spacetime.

People have trouble visualizing the concept of time having the geometry of spacetime. I believe this is because there was an evolutionary advantage in seeing time as a kind of one dimensional arrow of time.

In modern physics spacetime is made up of an infinite number of reference frames and each one has its own proper time. The rate that time runs within each reference frame will be governed by the energy or mass of the object forming that frame of reference. The greater the energy or mass the slower time will run in that reference frame. Because mass increases when an object accelerates we have time dilation for that object relative to an object not accelerating within their own reference frame.

Some people say the paradoxes of quantum mechanics can only be explained by linking it to consciousness. But I believe only a greater understanding of physics at the quantum level will do this and this will also give us an understanding of what consciousness is and how it works.

Consciousness is the most advanced part of a universal process continuously forming reality. Because consciousness is the most advanced part of this process we can comprehend the process as the flow of time and can think about the past or look forward to the future. We can interact within this process therefore we have free-will to put this into the scientific equations like the Schrodinger’s equation.

In this theory all objects form their own rate of time that will have the geometry of spacetime, you me and even black holes by the absorption and emission of EMR or light. Black holes are the most extreme form and have formed their own region of spacetime where light cannot escape therefore time has stopped. The outer boundary is formed by light rays that just fail to get away and stay hovering at the event horizon. It is only if you come in contact with this EMR that you will fall in under gravity.

EMR always exists in space even Black Holes emit Hawking radiation, because time has stopped within the Black Hole we have gravitational time dilation and the nearer an object gets to the event horizon the slower time will run for that object. All objects emit EMR continuously and this EMR will be distorted because light will always take the shortest path it will be bent by the time dilation and the object will free fall towards the Black Hole.

All object distort the geometry of spacetime like this it is just that a Black Hole has stopped the outward flow of light therefore Schrodinger’s equation cannot predict what the wave function will be in the future because time has stopped in that reference frame.

Because objects can move in any direction in three dimension space but only one direction in time. They will distort spacetime more in the direction they are travelling. This will form the force known as inertia, the natural tendency for an object once set in motion to keep on moving in a straight line.

We are all active participants in the dynamics of our Universe that has just three dimensions and an infinite number of references frames. Each reference frame with its own quantum wave-particle function expanding as an inverse three dimensional sphere of probability. The surface of the sphere having two dimensions forming boundary condition between the past and future in spacetime. This forms the uncertainty of Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle that is the same probability and uncertainty that we have in everyday life.


A link to Quantum Atom Theory on YouTube.


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