Monday, 2 August 2010

Einstein said “for us physicists the distinction between past, present and future is only an illusion”. Could he have been wrong?

A link to the video A Quantum Theory that is a valid explanation of the real world

This video explains the forward motion of time in a dynamically evolving universe within a new hypothesis called Quantum Atom Theory. In this very simple theory creation is a continuous process and the flow of time is formed by the continuous inward absorption and outward emission of light or electromagnetic radiation.

Wave-particle duality can be explained as a process forming the passage of time. Light could then be a wave as in Maxwell’s equations forming the future photon by photon or moment by moment. The energy or wavelength of the light will determine the rate that time runs in that reference frame. Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle is the same probability that the observer will have with any future event.

In an evolutionary sense wave-particle duality and the wave-function must have be here before the evolution of life. So there is no way that the wave-function was formed by consciousness. But we have the w-function here and now continuously collapsing everywhere even within our own minds. I believe consciousness feels this process has the forward passage of time formed by the w-function continuously collapsing and reforming. We have the arrow of time and time only runs one way because the wave-function only works one way we always know the position and momentum of a quantum particle in the past.

In a very similar way that we use sound wave to create our own music we use light waves to create our own future time that will have the geometry of space-time. The wave-particle duality of light is continuously forming a blank canvas for the observer that he or she can participate in!

In this Theory time is unfolding at the quantum level forming the probability that we will see and feel as future events. In this theory all objects (groups of atoms) will form their own future reference frame or space-time by reacting with the wave-particle duality of light. Objects can choose when and where to collapse the wave-particle duality of light forming their own unique position in space and time.
This is all based on the physics and mathematics that we already have. Modern physics says that the Universe is made up of an infinite number of reference frames that all have their own proper time relative to their position and momentum. In Quantum Atom Theory only the interpretation has changed explaining the paradoxes of quantum physics and the reality of everyday life.



Anonymous said...

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POds said...

Interesting, but I must say I disagree with most of it.

I find it interesting, because, merging the spiritual with the physical is something I've previously dabbled with, at a higher spiritual level.

But I have a few points.

1) In your model, would time exist without light? Time is related to mass... the more massive an object A relative to another B, the slower time flows on B relative to A. Light is massless. Are you proposing that light is simply the carrier of the time force? I'm not sure that would stand up in standard particle physics.

2) I was told about the dulaity of light very simply not so long ago. Light comes in particles - no doubt! The wave we see is just the motion of the particle. Motion is a wave. Not light it's self.

Art and Poetry said...

1) Nothing would exist without light or EMR because EMR is an innate part of matter. In this theory we all have our own independent reference frame or spacetime. That will have its own rate of time relative to our energy or mass we will be able to interact (free-will) with other reference frames forming our own future spacetime because this is a continuous process! We see our Universe moment by moment or photon by photon because the wave-function is continuously collapsing and reforming forming the arrow of time.
2) In this theory light are waves of EMR and the quantization of light into photons take place when the waves come in contact with electrons on the surface of atoms. That’s why it’s called Quantum Atom Theory. Modern physics has no understanding of why we have a future and a past this theory can give us a scientific reason and in doing so explain the paradoxes of Quantum Mechanics.