Sunday, 3 June 2012

The three great mysteries of reality

This simple diagram highlights the difficulty we have with understanding the nature of reality. We have three worlds each one a mystery and each one mysteriously connected to the other.

We have the world of Conscious awareness that can comprehend the fundamental truths of mathematics.

And then we have the physical world that is based on those mathematical laws.

Then out of this physical structure comes conscious awareness, each of the three parts seems to be dependent on the other.

This video is putting forward the idea that they are dependent on each other because they are connected by one universal process.

The driving force for this process is the forward momentum of light.

If our eyes were more sensitive to the light we would be able to see that everything is radiating light waves of EMR continuously. This forms a great dance between energy space and time.

We see and feel this process of continuous energy exchange continuous change as the flow of time itself.

This universal process of continuous change, continuous creation forms the mathematical uncertainty of quantum mechanics and the uncertainty we have in everyday life.

This process creates a blank canvas that we can interact with from the centre of our own reference frame turning the possible into the actual

The atoms of the hand and eye will collapse the waves of light into photon energy just like any other object creating their own future. In this theory it is not just beauty that is in the eye of the beholder, but creation itself!

This process forms the dynamic curvature and geometry of spacetime that the mathematical world is based upon.

Each new photon oscillation of light represents zero representing a new moment in time (the moment of now) with the positive numbers marching off towards an infinite future, their negative numbers recede towards a limitless past (the positive and negative of EMW).

The physical world is based on this dynamic process this can best be seen in planet life where photon energy from the Sun cascades down forming the Fibonacci spiral.

Consciousness in the form of EMW in the brain is the most advanced part of this universal process and therefore can comprehend it as a past, present and uncertain future.

Link to the video 'The three mysteries of reality'

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