Sunday, 7 October 2012

The Origin of Life, the first cell life, within an artist theory on the physics of time

Video on the Origin of Life  

They say all life originated from one cell billions of years ago. Each one us is a society of billions of cells that govern everything from movement to memory and imagination.

Life based on a ‘republics of living elementary units’ or a society of cells has all the properties that are needed for Darwin’s theory of evolution.

But there remains the great unsolved problem of the creation of the first cell life, the origin of life itself.

Back in ancient Greece, Aristotle came up with the idea of a special force in the universe that led to the spontaneous generation of life.

Although his theory has been disproven by experiments the video above will explain how the electromagnetic force can form the spontaneous momentum and physical structure for the reproduction of the first cell life. Even the boundary condition with the variation of self-replication that is needed for Darwin’s theory of evolution can be explained by the physics of this one universal process.

The carrier of the electromagnetic force is the light photon and light has momentum this forms the driving force for the evolution of the first cell life. Momentum is frame dependent therefore we have a process that forms its own reference frame or boundary condition.

This simple dynamic process is universal and can be seen in the spontaneous formation of bubbles in a soap solution. We also see the same process at work with the spontaneous generation of protocells with no DNA forming from a reaction between a few basic chemicals.

These can form the base for more advanced cell development all that is need is a supply of energy from sunlight and varying temperature changes from the local environment, regional energy sources from such as volcanic vents.

Such a process would be helped by the continuous rhythmic motion formed by the gravitational pull of the Moon.

But in this theory the uncertainly and probability that cell life needs for the variation and mutations for Darwin’s theory of evolution to work is formed at the quantum level of the atoms.

This process forms a potential infinity of possibilities within such a process the greatest probability is that life will arise!

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