Sunday, 30 September 2012

Our Universe and our place within it. An Artist Theory on the Physics of Time

In this theory the conscious mind is the most advanced part of a universal process! The brain works by electrical impulses forming chemical changes forming the continuous flow of ideas that we feel as consciousness. This electrical activity is universal because we cannot achieve absolute zero everything is radiating light waves of electromagnetic radiation continuously. This is a universal process of continuous change continuous creation that forms the driving force for consciousness the ‘stream of consciousness’ that unbroken, ever changing flow of ideas, perception, feelings and emotions that make up our lives.
The photon of quantum mechanics forms the movement of electromagnetic fields with the flow of charge. The atoms distort the geometry of spacetime creating time variations between and within objects. It is time variations within magnetic fields that act as a source for electric fields and time varying electric fields is the source of the magnetic fields. When one field is changing in time, then a field of the other is induced. This will be relative to the position and momentum of the objects creating the time variation, the atoms themselves.
  The capacity for consciousness was present in the Universe from the very beginning in the form of a process of continuous energy exchange forming electrical potential ‘future possibilities’. This will also be relative to work done by forces external to the individual system or reference frame. This is based on the work of Michael Faraday and James Clerk Maxwell’s equations of electromagnetism. But the interpretation is totally new in this theory this process forms what the conscious mind see, feels and tries to measure as the flow of ‘time’ itself. This process forms an infinite number of reference frames within our Universe
Only the uniqueness formed by an infinite number of reference frames could have created the complexity of cellular life with the creative and original process of thinking forming a potential infinity of possibilities! 
Each of us has our own individual reference frame therefore every process person and object we encounter with has a particular individual ‘meaning’. It is this personalization of the brain that creates the individuality within the concept of ‘mind’.
We all have our own individual perspective within this universal physical process. Therefore we have a Universe that can comprehend itself from the centre of its own reference frame being able to look back in time in all directions at the beauty of the stars!

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