Thursday, 20 September 2012

The possibility of time travel and UFO sightings within an artist theory on the physics of time.

This video explains a theory in which time travel into the future is possible and that there is a possibility UFO might be from our own past.

This idea might sound mad but it can be based on Einstein’s theories of relativity. In special relativity moving clocks run slower and in general relativity clocks run faster higher in a gravitational field.

Therefore we can see the greater the energy of an individual ref-frame the slower time runs within that ref-frame. This is based on just one equation the Lorentz contraction of space and time is between the energy and mass. The greater the energy the greater the contraction of space and the slower time will run. Mass will increase relative to this and each ref-frame can be seen as a vortex in space formed by the rate that time flows. The brackets represent the boundary condition of the ref-frame formed by the energy and the infinity symbol represents an infinite number of ref-frames that make up our Universe.

This is called Time dilation and is a totally natural process within the dynamics of our Universe.

A good example of this is the Twin Paradox a thought experiment of identical twins, one of whom is an astronaut and the other stays at home. The astronaut brother undertakes a long space journey moving at almost the speed of light, while the other remains on Earth.

When the travelling brother finally returns to Earth, it is discovered that he is younger than his sibling.

This experiment could be turned around and instead of using the energy for travelling in space it could be used for the effect of time dilation itself.
In this way we could use time dilation to travel into the future!
There are videos on YouTube that suggest that the Germans were developing time machines in the 1940. I find this very hard to believe because the technology would have been beyond them.

But if time machines were developed in the 1940s it could explain the UFO we have seen in the skies since that date.

For the pilots and passengers in the ref-frame of such a machine a ten or twenty minute flight could represent ten to twenty five years in a ref-frame on the surface of the Earth. A flight of a few hours could represent thousands of years.

They would be able to look down seeing the Earth spinning at a faster and faster rate seeing the rise and fall of great civilizations.
In fact for the passengers of such a machine time would only be relative to the energy of the machine itself.

The rest of the video above explains an artist theory on the physics of time that is based on Einstein’s theories of relativity and on a deeper understanding of quantum physics. This theory explains a creative process that forms an infinity of possibilities that we can interact with turning the possible into the actual!

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