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An Amateur Astronomers view of time and space with an alternative perspective too Quantum Mechanics.

 Video on an Amateur Astronomers view of Quantum Physics

Pastel drawing of globular cluster M13
I am an amateur astronomer and I use a telescope to enjoy the beauty of the night sky. I am most interested in look at deep sky objects such as star clusters and distant galaxies.

Drawing of The Whirlpool Galaxy M51
It has always amazed me that the further we look out into deep space the further back in time we see. When we observer galaxies that are hundreds of thousands of light year away therefore we are seeing them as they were hundreds of thousands of years ago.

Drawing of the galaxies M81 and M82

This process must work in reverse and any alien life forms observering from one of these distance galaxies would see our own Milky Way galaxy as it was hundreds of thousands of years in the past.

From whatever galaxy one observes from an observer will be able to look back in time in all directions from the centre of his own reference frame at the beauty of the distant stars.

I don’t believe this is totally explained by modern physics and I am on the World Wide Web promoting my theory on the physics of ‘Time’ as a physical process.

In this theory the wave-particle duality of light forms a process of continuous energy exchange that we see and feel as the flow of time itself. Therefore the future is unfolding light photon by light photon within each individual ref-frame.

Because the Universe is never at absolute zero everything is radiating light continuously. Therefore the wave-particle duality of light can form a continuous blank canvas that the individual can interact with tuning the possible into the actual.

This can be in the form of art or poetry as ‘time’ unfolds photon by photon.

This can make sense because the photon is also the carrier of the electromagnetic force and electrical activity in the brain forms conscious thought.

In some ways life can be thought of as electrical activity that is aware of its own electrical potential within its own reference frame as the future unfolds photon by photon.

Therefore consciousness is always in the ‘moment of now’ in the centre of its own ref-frame as the most advanced part of this universal process with the continuous flow of ideas and awareness of this process with a past and uncertain future.

In this theory the ‘moment of now’ is formed by photon electron couplings within an individual reference frame.

We have direct experience in the ‘moment of now’ to freely direct our bodies and can predict outcomes, and take responsibility for our choice of action. Free will is not explained by metaphysics or philosophical speculation but by the physic of a physical process.

In this theory called (Quantum Atom Theory) each individual person has free will to control the 'motion of their own atoms' according to the Laws of physics.

The body fully obeys the laws of quantum mechanics with quantum uncertainty playing the important role of increase randomness or statistical probability that we see as future possibilities and opportunities from the centre of our own reference frame.

Pastel drawing of a barred spiral galaxy
It is because ‘time’ is formed in this non-linear way that we can look out from the centre of our own ref-frame at the beauty of the stars looking back in time in all directions into the distant past

Pastel drawing of the planet Jupiter

Therefore the closer we observes something the less time can elapse light from the stars takes years to reach us but light from the planet Jupiter takes only a matter of minutes. Moon light takes just 1 second to reach us and therefore light from everyday objects must take just a fraction of a second.

There must be a limit to how close we can observer and still have a measurement of time. In this theory that limit is at the quantum level of the atoms. Time is formed by quantum wave particle function Ψ or probability function of quantum mechanics.

This can be based on just two postulates:

1. The quantum wave particle function Ψ or probability function explained by Erwin Schrodinger wave equation represents the forward passage of time itself. Therefore the future is unfolding photon by photon within each individual reference frames.

2. Is that Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle ∆×∆p×≥h/4π that is formed by the w-function is the same uncertainty we have with any future event within our own ref-frame that we can interact with turning the possible into the actual!

This theory might sound very far fetched, but it is only extending Einstein’s theories of relativity to objects and individuals in our everyday life. In relativity objects slow down the rate that time flows relative to their energy or momentum this is an interactive process that changes the curvature of spacetime.

In this theory we all form our own future by slow down the rate that ‘time’ flows relative to our energy and momentum or in other words relative to our actions!

Because the Planck Constant is a constant or action this gives us an objective understanding to quantum mechanics and an objective understanding to the physics of ‘time’ itself.

  I am an artist and therefore outside of the scientific community so there is no peer review to this theory but any help promoting this theory will be gratefully welcomed.

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