Sunday, 10 February 2013

The Double Slit Experiment within a Rational Quantum Theory

 Video on the Double Slit Experiment within an artist theory on the physics of 'time' as a physical process.

In quantum mechanics light can be a wave and a particle at the same time. I believe this can be explained in a rational way that fits in with the reality of our everyday life.

This can be done without changing the principle of wave particle duality all that is needed is a deeper understanding of ‘time’ has a physical process.

Everything we do is done over a period of time every observation every scientific experiment that has ever be carried out has been done over a period of time.

But we have no understanding of what the ‘moment of now’ is; this has to be the most important moment in any observation or scientific experiment.

If we look at an experiment that cannot be explained by modern physics you will see what I mean.

The two slit experiment is very simple but we have no rational or objective understanding of why the light acts the way it does.

But if we look at the two slit experiment as a process over a period of time with time being formed photon by photon within the reference frame of the experiment it can make sense.

Light waves will come in contact with the plate with two slits collapsing into new photons with a position in space and time. The light waves that do not come in contact with the plate will go through both slits. The waves will then form constructive and destructive interference and over a period of time and an interference pattern will build up on the screen photon by photon.

This interference pattern will continue has time unfolds photon by photon within the isolated reference frame of the experiment.

Just as in Newtonian physics only when an external force comes in contact with the light does the interference pattern collapse. The only problem is the external force (observer) can only see one moment of infinity!

When an observer tries to see which slit the photon went through by turning on an electronic detector forming a new photon electron coupling the interference pattern collapses.

This is because the photon electron coupling represents a new moment in time ‘the moment of now’ within the reference frame of the experiment.

If the observer turns off the electronic detector the interference pattern will reform over a period of time photon be photon.In this theory we have a universal interactive process.

The same interference pattern can be seen when sun light breaks through clouds forming rays of sun light.
The Universe is in a process of continuous creation continuously coming into existence with each new photon oscillation. Because the photon is also the carrier of the electromagnetic force electrical potential is the same potential we have with any future event within our own reference frame. That we can interact with turning the possible into the actual. In this theory we only need three dimensions and one variable of time.

The parallel universes of Hugh Everett and the multiple dimension of String Theory are just future possibilities and opportunities within individual reference frames in our one three dimensional Universe

In the mathematics of Hugh Everett’s Many Worlds Interpretations the parallel universes are all at right-angles to each other. In this theory this is because the electric and magnetic fields are always at right-angles to each other forming part of a process of continuous change that we see and feel as the continuum of ‘time’ itself.


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Henry Norman said...

Interesting read, thanks! In full agreement with my own BS (belief system), except in my world there is no "time" only now: The "flow of time" is an illusion brought on by our abilities to store memories, and to imagine the "future"...

Your world's "time flow" is in my world the "continuously unfolding" universe "wave function"...

I believe, with many other more competent in physics than I, that quantum theory *appears* irrational simply because it is not (yet?) complete/fully understood.