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The Living Force of Gottfried Leibniz (The Living Force = Mass x Speed²) within an artist theory on the physics of ‘time’ as a physical process.

 The idea of a Living Force is an obsolete scientific theory that there is a creative force. The theory was eventually absorbed into the modern theory of energy.
But it is interesting to think that if the idea had be maintained instead of having energy equals mass times the speed of light squared we would have had the Living Force equals mass times the speed of light squared. This would have changed our outlook of the Universe and our place within it totally. For with the belief in a creative force comes the questions what can be achieved what are the possibilities and opportunities within creation!

This is totally different view from modern physics that can be summed up in the second law of thermodynamics that entropy or disorganization will always increase.

 It is the physics that lead to the idea that if Africa had the same standard of living as the USA it could destroy the environment it is the physics of global warming.

 It goes with the idea that even though we live in a Universe of continuous motion continuous energy exchange the only way for us to create enough energy is by nuclear power dividing the atom and destroying the unity of life and symmetry of space and time in the process.


It is truly the physics of entropy and the second law of thermodynamics representing continuous disorganization and decline of the civilization that created it.

But one of the great unsolved mysteries of modern physics is where does the organization come from for the continuous disorganization or entropy that we have in the second law of thermodynamics.

In a new theory called Quantum Atom Theory this organization is not formed at the beginning of the Universe with a big bang but is being formed here and now as a process of continuous spherical symmetry forming and breaking.

This symmetry is formed by the spontaneous absorption and emission of light forming a great dance of creation of continuous energy exchange. When light waves interact with the electrons of atoms it forms photon electron couplings and the electron is the most spherical object in the Universe. 

This forms the symmetry or organization for the continuous disorganization or entropy that we have in the second law of thermodynamics.

We see and feel this process as the flow of time with the future coming into existence with each new photon oscillation or vibration. As photon energy cascades down it forms greater degrees of freedom for the increase in disorganization or entropy.

One of the main affects these photon oscillations or vibrations have on the individual is the aging process as time unfolds photon by photon.  

But this process can also be seen as the ‘living force’ or creative force that created the driving force for the evolution of life and the creativity that we see in art and poetry.

The idea of the ‘living force’ is based on the principle that the power of a moving object increases relative to its speed squared! This means that the motion of even very small bodies provided their speed is great can represent a great power.

A good example of this is steam power with each particle of water vapour being very tiny but having the potential to perform an action of great power! 

In this theory the power of the ‘living force’ is formed by one creative process that unites human potential with electrical potential and gravitational potential!

The best way to explain this is to dumb down consciousness to the level of electrical activity in the brain that is aware of its own electrical potential within its own ref-frame.

It is this process of each one of us having our own ref-frame that gives the brain the concept of mind with each one of us having our own unique view of life from the centre of our own ref-frame.

The continuous flow of idea and emotions that forms consciousness is always in the ‘moment of now’ within the centre of its own created reality this is why each individual can look back in time in all direction at the beauty of the stars.

Therefore the individual is always in the centre of their own created ref-frame as an interactive part of creation. I believe this is what we are seeing when we see an artist at work, we are seeing new photon oscillations or vibrations coming into existence relative to the energy and momentum of the artist!

The wave particle duality of light is continuously forming a blank canvas that we can interact with turning the possible into the actual!

Because electric charge is an innate part of all matter and the photon of quantum mechanics is also the carrier of the electromagnetic force this makes consciousness the most advanced part of a one universal process.

  Therefore we can comprehend this process as ‘time’ with memories of the past and a potential future that is always uncertain.

By doing this we can link quantum uncertainty with electrical potential and gravitational potential of Newton’s universal law of gravitation


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