Monday, 5 August 2013

This is an invitation to see an artist theory of the physics of ‘time’ as a physical process.

We live and die over a period of time but we have no physical concept of time or why we have a past that can never be changed and a future that is always uncertain.
This video explains a physical process of universal symmetry forming and breaking that forms the continuous change that we see and feel as time. This theory offers an alternative to String Theory and the Many Worlds Interpretation of quantum mechanics. With the extra dimensions or parallel universes just representing future possibilities and opportunities in our one three dimensional Universe of continuous creation, continuous energy exchange.
This continuous energy exchange is formed by the spontaneous absorption and emission of light wave of EMR. The forward momentum of light forms an Arrow of Time for each object or individual with the wave particle duality of light acting like the bits or zeros and ones of a computer continuously forming a blank canvas that we can interact with giving us the opportunities and possibilities to turn the possible into the actual within our own ref-frame!
Time is an emergent property with the future continuously coming into existence with each new light photon oscillation or vibration within an infinite number of dynamic interactive reference frames that are continuously coming in and out of existence. Because the process is universal each individual will be in the centre of their own created reference frame creating their own future by forming new light photon oscillation or vibration relative to their position and the energy and momentum of their own actions! In this theory creation is truly in the hand and eye of the beholder!

There is no sound to this video it's a silent movie! It is Harold Lloyd's 1923  silent film "Safety Last" I was thinking that everyone can watch it in their own time stopping it whenever they like and reading the info on the diagrams!

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