Thursday, 22 August 2013

In this theory the Fibonacci Numbers are formed by a process of spherical symmetry forming and breaking that forms the Fibonacci Spiral in nature

This theory predicts that the Fibonacci spiral is not formed because of economy of growth or space but because space and time is being formed by a process of spherical symmetry forming and breaking.
Nothing has greater organization or lower entropy than a sphere and the electron is the most spherical object in the Universe. As the spherical symmetry is broken it creates greater degrees of freedom for the increase in statistic entropy that we have in the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

In this theory 'time' is a physical process of energy exchange formed by the spontaneous absorption and emission of light, explained mathematically by Schrödinger's wave equation the quantum wave-particle function Ψ of quantum mechanics, with the future continuously coming in to existence with each photon electron coupling. If the quantum wave particle function Ψ is reformulated as a linear vector then all the information I have found says that each new vector is formed by adding the two previous vectors together this forms the Fibonacci sequence.

 As can be seen on the diagrams in the videos we have a photon electron coupling representing (the moment of now) time or t = 0 with +1 and -1 representing the positive and negative of electromagnetic waves or light. Therefore we even have the start of the Fibonacci sequence 0, 1, 1... In the diagram this is linked to Euler Identity giving this beautiful equation a place in the structure of space and time!

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Ronald Patrick Marriott said...

The Fibonacci spiral is being created by the conversion of antihelium to light from the dimensional field created by antihydrogen fusion in a self contained 12 ft ringed disc's seen on NASA video during Sprite production above magnetically produced weather systems releasing liquid oxygen that converts to H2O making earth's biosphere. This disc of 3 energies is made by lightning hanging around for a few minutes then when the frequency of the fusion over takes the thermodynamics of liquid oxygen and disappears only to trreturn on video. The disc before it disappears has a center in the design of the Fibonacci spiral wrapped up in antihelium liquid oxygen slowing down the fusion starting back to antihelium sealing it in a self contained 12 ft ringed disc. Now trapped it starts converting antihelium to light controlled by the thermodynamics of liquid oxygen and disappears. After a careful study of Sprite physics found these disc's returning releasing the liquid oxygen above magnetically produced weather systems making earth's air water and ionosphere. Fermi satellite and Italian space agency satellite PAMELA proved that antihelium is being discharged during Sprite production supporting the witnessed event.