Saturday, 17 August 2013

Nikola Tesla Mad Genius or Great Visionary. Tesla’s ideas within an artist theory on the physics of time as a physical process.

The video 'Nikola Tesla Mad Genius or Great Visionary'
Nikola Tesla quote: "There is nothing endowed with life—from man, who is enslaving the elements, to the nimblest creature—in all this world that does not sway in its turn. Whenever action is born from force, no matter how small it is the cosmic balance is upset and the universal motion results".
In this theory 'Quantum Atom Theory' we have one universal process therefore everything is in balance or fine tuned. This process starts with the quantum wave particle function Ψ expanding out as an inverse sphere of probability and ends with the inverse square law of Newton’s universal law of gravity.

Gravitational potential and electrical potential are linked together This can be seen mathematically in how they both use the inverse square law! In this theory gravity is a secondary force to the EM force. Objects just free-fall towards the greatest energy because it has the greatest time dilation! In this theory ‘time’ is an emergent property formed with each new photon oscillation of vibration.
 The wave-particle duality of light is acting like the zeros and ones of a computer forming a blank canvas that we can interact with turning the possible into the actual! Quantum physics represents the physics of ‘time’ as a physical process with the future coming into existence photon by photon! Quantum uncertainty ∆×∆p×≥h/4π is the same uncertainty we have with any future event within our own ref-frame.

In this theory Euler Identity is interwoven into the dynamic fabric of space and time of our Universe with time being formed by the spontaneous absorption and emission of light. Time is an emergent property coming into existence photon by photon. The 1 in Euler Identity represents 1 photon oscillation and the zero represents zero time the moment of now t = 0 within an individual ref-frame.

 The whole Universe is an expanding inverse sphere of probability forming an infinity of possibilities! This infinity can be represented mathematically (the Gaussian Integral) as the square root of the continuous irrational number π. The Universe is expanding in space and time forming what Einstein called spacetime. This expansion can be seen not just as galaxies expanding away from each other but also as future possibilities and opportunities relative to each individual! 

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