Friday, 1 August 2014

Time Paradox or Temporal Paradox explained

We have a true temporal paradox here and a continuous time loop where having killed Hitler, WWII and the Holocaust do not occur, meaning the character in the future now has no reason to go back to change time, meaning he doesn't go back to change time, meaning Hitler is not assassinated, meaning WWII and the Holocaust do occur, meaning the character has to go back and assassinate Hitler, and so on. The theory explained in this video gives us a deeper understanding of time as a physical process. Explaining that time travel into the past in not possible within the laws of physics therefore there is no paradox. But in this theory time travel into the future is not just possible but is a natural process within the Universe. Life is always in 'the moment of now' at the centre of their own reference frame forming their own future by slowing the rate that time flows relative to their own energy input. This process is based on the time dilation of Einstein's theories of relativity. This process is universal from the largest planet to the smallest creature will form their own rate of time flows relative to their energy forming a curvature of spacetime in three dimensional space. A process of continuous energy exchange continuous creation a true continuum!

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