Thursday, 12 March 2015

An eternal Big Bang without beginning or end, an interactive infinite Universe

Atom Theory is an artist theory on ‘time’ explaining why we always have a
future that is uncertain with a past we can never change. In this theory the
Universe is a continuum formed by a universal process of energy exchange the
future is an emergent property continuously coming into existence light photon
by light photon relative to the position and energy and momentum of the atoms!
theory links the cosmology of an expanding Universe with the probability of
quantum mechanics, explaining why we have an uncertain future with
possibilities and opportunities! 
Mach’s hypothesis is right and the average of all matter defines our inertial
reference frame, then everything must be connected by a dynamic process that
forms the relativistic Universe.
a universal process of energy exchange everything can be placed in its own
reference frame relative to its position and momentum therefore we have
Einstein’s Relativity.
the process is universal each individual will be in the centre of their own
reference frame in ‘the moment of now’ being able to look back in time in all
directions at the beauty of the stars.  
But if
the individual looks down into the atoms all they see is uncertainty and
probability of quantum mechanics
theory explains this by explaining the mathematics of quantum mechanics as the
physics of ‘time’ as a physical geometrical process.
Universe is a continuum with the future unfolding photon by photon with each
new photon electron coupling or dipole moment. With a past that has gone
forever and a future that is always uncertain in the form of a probability
function or quantum wave particle function that is explained mathematically by Schrödinger's
wave equation Ψ. The future is an emergent property energy ∆E slows the rate
that time ∆t flows creating a future relative to the energy and momentum or
actions of each object or life form. Mass will increase relative to this, and
time dilation will also be seen at the largest scale as an expansion of space!
At the
smallest scale of this process our potential future possibilities and
opportunities are seen mathematically as Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle
∆×∆p×≥h/4π with the Planck constant ħ=h/2π being a constant of action in the
dynamics geometrical process of space and time!
ideas can change are view of cosmology and can support a theory
similar to Fred Hoyle’s steady
state theory
, as
it employs the concept of a universe that is eternally existing in the form of
continuous creation, and thus does not require a unique beginning or an
ultimate end of the cosmos.
This is because in this theory we
have one universal process with the
quantum wave particle function expanding out as an inverse sphere forming the
inward force of gravity. This is supported mathematically with both the electromagnetic
force and the gravitational force sharing the inverse square law. The photon of
quantum mechanics is also the carrier of the electromagnetic force therefore we
have one universal geometrical process in three dimensional space with gravity
being a secondary force to the electromagnetic force.
we have one universal process the Universe will always be in perfect balance it
will never expand into nothingness and undergo a great crunch. The Universe
will always have critical density maintaining a flat Universe that has
Euclidean geometry in three dimensional space.
We can
have an infinite universe within a finite sphere as long as the Universe is
expanding. This has created the question what is outside the Universe?
In this
theory the answer is ‘the future’ the Universe is expanding forming the future!
A dart thrown at the edge of the Universe would carry on forming a future
relative to its energy and momentum.
extra dimensions of String Theory and parallel universes of Hugh Everett Many
worlds interpretation are just future possibilities and opportunities in our
one three dimensional Universe of continuous energy exchange or what I like to
call continuous creation. In Hugh Everett mathematics the parallel universes
are all at right-angles to each other. In this theory this represents
electromagnetic fields always being at right-angles to each other.
idea of a Big Bang and a cosmological time line can be explained using Eternal
expansion lasting forever. Instead having an ever inflating or expanding
Universe forming an infinite number of dimensions or parallel universes, we
have an infinity of possibilities and opportunities with formation of fractal
geometry in just three dimensions of space and one variable of time.

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potential and gravitational potential and combines them into one universal
process. That explains why we all have a potential future in our everyday life
that is always uncertain.

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