Friday, 6 March 2015

Could Quantum Potential represent our own future potential at the smallest scale of a physical process?

In this theory the mathematics of quantum mechanics represents the dynamic geometry of a physical process that we see and feel as the continuum of time. With classical physics representing process over a period of time as in Newton's differential equations. This is a process formed by the spontaneous absorption and emission of light photon energy. This forms a continuous process of energy exchange that forms the ever changing world of our everyday life. The Universe is a continuum with the future coming into existence photon by photon with each new photon electron coupling or dipole moment. This forms the movement of positive and negative charge with the continuous flow of electromagnetic fields. Consciousness in the form of electrical activity in the brain is the most advanced part of this process and can therefore comprehend this process as 'time'. With a past that has gone forever and a future that is always uncertain in the form of a probability function or quantum wave particle function that is explained mathematically by Schrödinger's wave equation Ψ. Therefore each individual is in the centre of their own reference frame as an interactive part of this process being able to look back in time in all directions at the beauty of the stars! It is this personalization of the brain being in ‘the moment of now’ in the center of its own reference frame that gives us the concept of ‘mind’ with each one of us having our own personal view of the beauty and uncertainty of life.  At the smallest scale of this process thisuncertainty is seen as Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle  ∆×∆p×≥h/4π with the Planck constant ħ=h/2π being a constant of action in the dynamics of space and time! This theory takesquantum potential, electrical potential and gravitational potential andcombines them into one universal process. That explains why we all have apotential future in our everyday life that is always uncertain. This is done by making ‘time’ an emergent property energy ∆E slows the rate that time ∆t flows creating a future relative to the energy and momentum of each object or life form. In this theory gravity is a secondary force Newton’s apple does not fall to the ground because of the downward force of gravity but because of the upward momentum of EMR or light. Gravity is not a real force at all. Objects just free-fall towards the greatest mass or energy because they have the slowest rate or flow of time. Gravity is the opposite reaction to the spontaneous emission and absorption of photon energy. The continuous outward momentum of EMR creates the inward force of gravity.  The quantum wave particle function Ψ of quantum mechanics expands as an inverse sphere forming one universal process with both the electromagnetic force and the gravitational force using the inverse square law. Quantum uncertainty, electrical potential and gravitational potential are linked by one universal process. Light C² will radiate out in a sphere 4π of EMR from its radius forming a square of probability. In this theory Schrodinger’s equation does not just predict what the wave function will be in the future, it represents the process that is forming the future, that we see and feel as the flow of time! This is an ongoing process with the future unfolding photon by photon relative to the energy and momentum or actions of each object. We have beauty forming out of a process of symmetry forming and breaking! This theory can be based totally on the geometry of a dynamic process of spherical 4π symmetry forming and breaking. There are an infinite number of line symmetries in a sphere each line symmetry can represent a potential time line from the past into the future.Each time line will be at right angles to the surface of the sphere representing electrical magnetic fields always being at right angles to each other. We have three dimensional space with a dynamic two dimensional boundary condition represented by the surface of the sphere. As the symmetry breaks only one time line will be fulfilled and the future will unfold photon by photon with the movement of positive and negative charge! The positive and negative charge represents different aspects of the same geometrical process formed by the concaved and convexed two dimensional spherical surface. This I believe is relative to things expanding out into existence or contracting and becoming part of the past with the cancelling out of charge. Nothing has greater organization or lower entropy than a sphere. Light photon energy from the Sun cascades down forming greater degrees of freedom for increasing entropy or disorganization. This process of symmetry forming and breaking also forms the possibility for the formation of more complex and diverse forms of symmetry that we see in the imperfect symmetry of cell life. In this theory the potential for life, the momentum and geometry is an innate part of the physical structure of the universe giving life a geometrical and therefore a mathematical base. For when the spherical symmetry is broken it naturally forms spiral cylindrical symmetry that we see as magnetic force being a right-hand spiral relative to the direction of electric current. This can be seen mathematically with the imaginary numbers always being at right angles to the standard number line representing electric fields always being at right angles to magnetic fields in a process of permanent flux forming the continuously changing world of our everyday life. Also multiplying by the imaginary number i forms a rotation in the form of the Riemann surface rises up out of the complex plane forming a spiral pattern. Each time we go around the origin 2πi cylindrical symmetry has to be added and we find our selves on another sheet of the complex plane. The imaginary number i is the square root of -1 representing the rotational symmetry 2π that maintains the quantum wave particle function Ψ or probability function at t = 0. The t = 0 represents 'the moment of now' for each object or life form within their own reference frame. In this theory the t = 0 is also explained by Euler Identity being interwoven into the dynamic fabric of space & time. With the plus one representing one photon equals zero time t = 0 the moment of now with the future continuously coming into existence photon by photon. The positive +1 and negative –1 represent the positive and negative of electromagnetic waves therefore we even have an objective reason for the start of the Fibonacci numbers 0, 1, 1,... When the quantum wave particle function Ψ or probability function is formulated as a linear vector ǀΨ(t) >  each new vector is formed by adding the two previous vectors together this forms the Fibonacci sequence 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5,8, ∞ infinity! We have the Fibonacci numbers in nature not because of economy of growth, but because of a dynamic interactive process that forms an infinity of possibilities. For in this theory creation is truly in the hand and eye of the beholder! 
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