Sunday, 31 January 2016

The Symmetry of Light and Geometry of Time, an artist theory on 'time' as a physical process explained by physics

This is my hypothesis called Quantum Atom Theory. I am only an artist but this can explain the paradoxes of quantum mechanics. In this theory the arrow of time is formed by the emission and absorption of light or electromagnetic radiation from one Atom to another. The atoms will bond together forming their own spacetime symmetry and geometry. This will form the beauty of the broken symmetry that we see all around us. In this theory Time moves at the speed of light and energy and mass slow it down to form their own spacetime geometry. These spacetime are on every level of creation from the Planck constant to every day object to clusters of galaxies. Even the atoms of the observer have created their own spacetime geometry this can be seen as mirror or line symmetry in the physical shape of the observer. The observer will feel this line symmetry as the arrow of time or as the time line from the past into the future. The Uncertainty Principle of Quantum physics is the same uncertainty the observer will have with any future event.

Any help in the promotion of this theory on You Tube or in the scientific community will be gratefully welcomed.

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