Friday, 15 July 2016

Quantum Gravity and Superconductivity, electrical potential is linked to...

In this theory we can think of the Universe as a gigantic perpetual motion
machine with the spontaneous absorption and emission of photon energy forming
the ever changing world of our everyday life.

This universal process of photon energy exchange forms an irreversible
process of heat energy exchange with heat energy always flowing from hot to
cold and friction always changing motion into heat. The existence of these
naturally irreversible processes forms the ‘Arrow of Time’ with the whole
Universe aging and with it each individual life form within the Universe
undergoes the aging process.

Each and every part of the Universe, macroscopic or microscopic, living
(animate) or non-living (inanimate) is powered by this universal process with
an uncertain future unfolding photon by photon relative to the atoms of the
periodic table.  

This gives us a scientific explanation why everything in the Universe
grows old and eventually dies. The best way to understand this is to think of
the Universe as a continuum that is not perfect. No process in nature is
capable of operating flawlessly by converting 100% of its energy into useful
work. There is always heat loss and friction that at any given moment of
existence leaves the Universe with more entropy or disorganization than the
moment before.

Because of this it is impossible for us to build a perpetual motion
machine, we would need 100% energy efficacy to do this and that would be
against the laws of classical physics. 

But there is one process that is 100% efficient and that is matter
antimatter annihilation with the exchange of photon energy forming the movement
of charge with the continuous flow of electromagnetic fields.

In this theory we can think of classical physics as processes over a
period of time as in Newton’s differential equation and quantum physics as the
mechanics of ‘time’ itself as a physical process. 

This would explain way there is no concept of ‘time’ in the subatomic
world of the atoms. The concept that we see and feel as ‘time’ is formed be
photons interacting with the electron clouds of the atoms of the periodic table.    

Photons only interact once forming photon electron couplings or dipole
moments and then they are gone forever. In this theory at the smallest scale of
the process the antimatter annihilation represents the ‘past’ with Heisenberg
Uncertainty Principle mathematically representing the ‘future’ uncertainty of
everyday life.

This is logical just as the photons are not conserved there is no law of
entropy conservation as the future comes into existence photon by photon. But
there is the Law of Energy Conservation with the future being 100% relative to
the past as a process of energy exchange with energy never being created or
destroyed, but merely transforming from one variety to another.

This theory is based on the scientific method of speculation, observation
and experimentation and above I have placed links to a video explaining how superconductivity
and gravity are part of one universal process of continuous energy exchange or
continuous creation.

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