Thursday, 7 July 2016

The paradox of ‘the present moment’ within physics

The question of ‘the present moment’ is a difficult one to address: What needs to be answered is how all life can experience ‘the moment of now’ at the same time?
This theory explains this be explaining the Universe as a continuum of continuous energy exchange or continuous creation.
We have one universal process of energy exchange with the spontaneous absorption and emission of light representing a knife edge between the past and future within each reference frame. 
There is always photon energy exchange with charge being an innate part of all matter.
In its most advanced form this universal process can be seen has conscious awareness in the form of electrical activity within the brain that is aware of its own electrical potential. Therefore, we can comprehend this process from the centre of our own reference frame as ‘Time’ with a past that has gone forever and an uncertain future that only exists as a probability wave function. Only 'the moment of now' is real for the individual within this process of continuous change.

The flow of Time as a process of continuous energy exchange and our consciousness as a stream of unbroken ever-changing flow of ideas feelings, dreams, hopes, perceptions and emotions are interlinked. Each individual is at the forefront of creation in ‘the moment of now’ in the center of their own reference frame as an interactive part of creation with an emergent uncertain future unfolding relative to the energy of their own actions.

In this theory the wave particle duality of light and matter in the form of electrons is forming a blank canvas that we can interact with forming the possible into the actual. We have new photon oscillations or vibrations continuously coming into existence relative to the atoms of the periodic table forming what we measure has a period of time. The atoms form standing waves in time with the spontaneous absorption and emission of light or photon energy forming the ever changing world of our everyday life that we see and feel as the passage of time.

One of the simplest forms of this can be seen as flowing water with hydrogen bonds breaking and reforming releasing photon energy with the future unfolding photon by photon relative to the flowing water.
The interactive creative nature of this process can be seen with just a change in temperature forming crystal structures in the form of infinite snowflakes diversity with no two snowflake patterns being identical.

At its most advanced form this universal process can be seen relative to the complex structure of the brain, with the potential for art and poetry.

The Universe is a continuum with the unity and oneness that can only be formed out of one universal process that forms a potential infinity of possibilities with creation in the eye and hand of the beholder!

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