Thursday, 15 December 2016

Is each Life form a Microcosm of the Whole based on one universal process?

This video explains that in many ways each part of the
Universe is a microcosm of the whole universe and it is going to do this
not by explaining some form of new age spirituality, but by physics. We
have a great unity in physics and mathematics that in this theory
represents everything being connected by one universal process of energy
exchange. But for everything to be a microcosm we need more than just
everything being based on one universal process. What we would need is
the holographic principle has part of this process. This is because in a
hologram the three dimensions of everyday life can be encoded on the
two dimensions of the hologram and when a hologram is broken each part
contain an image or a microcosm of the whole. In this theory we have a
dynamic process that can use the holographic principle on the two
dimensional surface that is represented by the movement of positive and
negative charge. We have positive and negative charge forming a dynamic
two dimensional boundary condition for the holographic principle to take
place. This is not saying that the Universe is a hologram; it is saying
that the Universe is a continuum relative to the atoms of the periodic
table that uses the holographic principle over what we measure as a
period of time with the future continuously being based on the past.

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