Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Looking Back at the Beginning of Time at the Cosmic Microwave Background...

Scientist looking back in time at the oldest photons in the Universe in the form of the light from the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation believed they would find random temperature variations that would have no connection with the Earth or the Milky Way galaxy. 

 But what they found is temperature variations in the form of spherical harmonic oscillation that seem to be relative to the movement of the Earth. 
These temperature variations are neatly separated in the northern and southern sky relative to the geometry of the ecliptic plane of the solar system. Also the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation seems to be slightly warmer in the direction of movement of the Local Group of galaxies that includes the Milky Way galaxy.

This connection or alignment has been named “the axis of evil" because of the potential damage it could do to current big bang and standard cosmology theories. This all seems puzzling and is currently unexplained and may one day be explained as foreground interference. But if these temperature variations are not formed by foreground interference they must represent new physics at the very largest scale of the Universe. 
The video above explains how new physics could connect the very large with the very small within a universal process of energy exchange.

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