Saturday, 28 January 2017

“Love is metaphysical gravity” R Buckminster Fuller in search for the principles governing the universe in the belief this would help the advance of humanity.

This video should have been called the Jitterbug Transformation or the
Jitterbug Universe after the geometrical work of the visionary
Buckminster Fuller. 

He said that “Love is metaphysical gravity” and this
video explains his work and puts forward the idea that he could be

All it would take is the laws of physics and nature to be based
on one universal process. 

This video go on to explain how gravity and
electromagnetism share the inverse square law representing the dynamic
geometry of this universal process with gravitation being a secondary
force to electromagnetism. 
By explaining conscious awareness in its most
simple form has electrical activity in the brain that is aware of its
own electrical potential this theory can explain consciousness as the
most advanced part of this universal process. 

This universal process of continuous energy exchange and our consciousness as a continuous stream
of unbroken ever-changing flow of ideas, feeling, dreams and emotions of
love are interlinked. 

The geometry of R Buckminster Fuller is at the
foundation of this universal process!

Buckminster Fuller believed that the tetrahedron is the most basic building block in nature being one of the most stable geometric configurations. 

 Water also has a similar tetrahedron structure 

In flowing water, we have hydrogen bonds continuously breaking and reforming with the continuous exchange of photon energy relative to the structure and temperature of the environment.
In this  theory, this represents the future unfolding photon by photon within the water with each new photon electron coupling or dipole moment. 


This fits in very well with Buckminster Fuller’s geometrical idea that two lines cannot go through the same point at the same time and he said this is why we have reflection and refraction.


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