Sunday, 8 January 2017

Quantum Mechanics the Simplest Explanation is that the mathematics of quantum mechanics represents the physics of 'time' as a universal process of energy exchange.

Could the simplest explanation of quantum mechanics be that it represents the physics of ‘time’ itself as a physical process with classical physics representing processes over a period of time as in Newton’s differential equations? In such a theory the Universe would be a continuum formed by the spontaneous absorption and emission of light with the wave particle duality of light and matter in the form of electrons forming a blank canvas that we can interact with forming the possible into the actual. If our eyes were more sensitive to the light waves of the EM spectrum we would be able to see that everything is continuously radiating electromagnetic waves representing a universal process of energy exchange. We can think of the atoms as standing waves in time with light being a wave over a period of time and only having particle characteristics when it interacts with the atoms. This process of energy exchange is therefore relative to the atoms of the periodic table and because we are made of atoms it is also relative to us. The wave particle duality of light is relative to the energy and momentum of our actions and therefore relative to the experiments we set up.

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