Thursday, 26 January 2017

The Infinite Madness of infinity explained as a process of continuous energy exchange or continuous creation

The video 'The Infinite Madness of infinity' People have gone mad trying to understand the infinite nature of infinity. It is easy to say that we have an infinite God and this is why we have the weirdness of infinity. But if something is true it should be possible to explain it using physics supported by mathematics. This video does just that, explaining the infinite nature of infinity as a physical geometrical process that forms an infinity of possibilities. The mathematics is easy to follow because it represents the dynamic geometry of the process that can be represented by diagrams. Only if the Universe is explained as a continuum with a potential infinity of possibilities can we explain the weirdness of mathematical infinity. This does not try and replace the idea of an infinite God in anyway; it just enriches our understanding of the physical Universe and our place within it!

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